Sticky Password Premium Lifetime


Sticky Password offers robust password security and management for individuals and businesses. The premium subscription unlocks advanced features such as AES-256 encryption, 1 master password, sync across devices, online backup, and password sharing.

Key features include:

• Secure password storage and generation
• Autofill and auto-login
• Biometric login support on compatible devices
• Browser extensions for major browsers
• Autofill on websites
• Browser extensions for Chrome, FirefoxSafari, IE and Thunderbird
• Sync across devices (iPhone, Android, Windows, MacOS)
• Secure notes and memo storage
• Digital wallet to store bank details, credit cards, etc.
• Secure sharing of passwords with others
• Support for biometric login options like Touch ID and Face ID

• Security – Sticky Password Premium uses AES-256 encryption for its password database. This is considered very secure by cybersecurity experts. However, it lacks some advanced security features like two-factor authentication.

• Interface – The interface is clean and straightforward. It has a sidebar for quick access to accounts, bookmarks, identities and memos. There is also a search bar and easy option to lock the app when stepping away.

• Support – Premium subscribers get priority support via email and live chat. Based on reviews, the customer service is fast and responsive.

• Cons – The free version essentially acts as a 30-day trial, lacking key features after that period. Importing data from other password managers can be hit-or-miss. Occasional browser compatibility issues have been reported.

• Encryption – Sticky Password uses AES-256 encryption to secure your passwords. This is a strong encryption standard, but it’s not unique to Sticky Password. Many password managers use AES-256 or similar.

• Master Password – Like most password managers, Sticky Password requires you to create a master password that unlocks all your stored credentials. The strength of your master password is critical to the overall security of your data.

• Cloud Syncing – While Sticky Password allows you to sync your passwords across devices, they recommend only syncing with their cloud servers (and not third-party services like iCloud, Dropbox, etc.). They claim their encryption and security measures make their sync more secure.

• Password Generator – Sticky Password includes a password generator that can create secure passwords up to 64 characters in length. It allows you to specify the types of characters you want included.

• Import/Export – You can import passwords stored in other common formats, like KeePass, LastPass, Norton, Roboform, etc. However, some users report the import process is not intuitive and requires manual cleaning up of data.

• Browser Extensions – Sticky Password has extensions for major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer that allow password autofill. However, some users have reported occasional extension issues.

• Customer Support – Sticky Password offers 24/7 email support for all users. Premium subscribers also get priority response times and access to live chat support. Overall, reviews indicate customer service is fast and helpful.

The premium fee also helps fund manatee conservation initiatives.



About this item

  • Millions of people protected.
  • Sync you control — cloud or local Wi‑Fi.
  • Windows + Android + Mac + iPhone/iPad.
  • Dark Web Monitoring powered by ARC

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